Privacy (English)

Steunpunt Bemiddelingskosten believes privacy is very important. Therefore we shall take good care of your personal information. In this privacy statement we explain to you how we take care of personal data. For any questions regarding privacy, you can send us an email to

1. Processing personal data

Personal information consists of all personal data considering a person with which he or she can directly or indirectly be identified. We only use this information for the purposes for which it has been collected. In this regard we will take the relevant privacy laws and regulations into account.


We solely use personal information for purposes concerning our contractual obligations to the client and purposes related to this. In this regard we collect names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, home addresses and bank numbers. We need this information in order to help the client to get the paid mediation costs (of related costs) back. Moreover, we need this information (especially the name, e-mail address and phone number) for purposes of communication.

The data will not be used for other purposes without your consent. If necessary, we will ask for your consent by e-mail. Given consent can be withdrawn at any moment by sending an email to

Third parties

In some cases, Steunpunt Bemiddelingskosten can forward information to third parties, for example if a question doesn’t involve mediation costs or in case it is necessary to consult a lawyer. This only takes place with permission of the persons concerned. Given permission can be withdrawn. In that case, we will terminate this use of information by the third party as far as it is not necessary under our contractual obligations.

Data storage

After termination of the contract, we will store the information for 1,5 year in most cases, unless storage is not needed. If necessary, we can decide to store the data for a longer period. That only happens in an agreement with the client or in cases it is necessary for the delivery of our services. This could for example be the case if a lengthy court case could turn out to be relevant for the currently closed case of the person involved.

The persons involved can request termination of the data storage after the contract has ended. We will review this request within a reasonable amount of time and grant it if possible. Such requests can be made by email.

2. Data security

Data will be stored in a secured digital environment. We do usually not keep any physical files. We aim to do all we can to take technical and organizational security measures.

The system is secured by a password that only the employees of Steunpunt Bemiddelingskosten know. Moreover, it is possible to control access to the system. It can be verified who has gained access to this system by checking the IP-addresses that have registered. Furthermore, the system will give a warning if an unknown device has tried to gain access. Thus, unauthorized access to data can be noticed in an early stage.

Our office is supplied with a secured wifi-network that registers users personally. Employees will nog use open, unsecured networks while using the system.

Data breaches

We do all we can to secure your data. However, this may not always be sufficient. Unfortunately, we cannot exclude the risk of security issues and data breaches.

If this happens, we will inform the persons involved as soon as possible if the incident has any consequences for them. We will also inform the relevant privacy authority, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, if necessary under the relevant legislature. In case we are obliged to inform persons about a data breach, we will mention the cause of the problem, the consequences, the proposes solution and security measures. Moreover, we will provide contact details of the person responsible for solving the problem.

3. Audit

If we process your data, you can check our compliance to this privacy statement by hiring an independent IT-expert to execute an audit. If you choose to do so, this will take place on your own expenses. Steunpunt Bemiddelingskosten will participate in the audit as long as that is reasonable. The conclusions of the audit will be discussed and possibly implemented.

4. Your rights

As data subject, you have several legal rights. First of all, you have the right to gain insight in the data we collect about you. In this regard, you can request this data in a readable format. Second, you have the right to change information that is incorrect or incomplete and you can object to the processing of certain information. If you have given permission for data processing, you can always withdraw that permission. In case you wish to exercise these rights of if you have any questions about this, you can send us an email.

In case you have any complaints about the way we process data, you can let us know by email and we will try to find a solution. You also have the possibility to file a complaint at the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. For more information on that possibility, please have a look at their website